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Visit Our Store at 19D Maple St. Marlborough, MA ( next to Clockwork Pizza! or call  508-481-4325New hours M thru Fri 12:00-9pm Sat 1-5pm

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PreSonus Studiolive AR8c

The StudioLive AR8c audio interface operates at up to 96 kHz for high-definition mixing and recording. Record each of the six inputs, plus the main mix, for even more flexible recording options. Play back up to four streams for monitoring previously recorded tracks—plus sound effects, loopback audio, and more. Four of PreSonus' lauded XMAX mic preamps provide all the gain you need to capture even the most subtle details without adding noise. The analog mixer front-end makes connecting your gear intuitive. With a USB-C compatible connection, your StudioLive AR8c is ready to use as an audio interface for nearly any computer.  MAP $499.95

Sabian B8X Performance Cymbal Set - 14/16/20 inch - with Free 18 inch Crash 


This 3-pack of Cymbals Includes a Free 18" Crash!
Pick up this Sabian B8X Performance Pack and save a bundle on all the cymbals you need! Bright, focused, and extremely vibrant, these Sabian B8X cymbals are great for anything from rock to jazz. This B8X Performance Pack starts off strong with a pair of delightfully expressive 14" hi-hats. A 16" thin crash provides all the punch you need without washing out the sound of the rest of your kit. When it comes to playing accents, the B8X Performance Pack's 20" ride gives you more than enough dynamic range for just about any playing style. And as an added bonus, this limited-time bonus pack comes with a FREE 18" thin crash, nicely rounding out your cymbal collection.

Bright and focused cymbals that fit a wide range of music and playing styles
A great way to save money on the cymbals you need
14" hi-hats provide a great combination of closed click and open splash
16" thin crash delivers plenty of punch without washing out your sound
20" ride lets you freely articulate accent notes
Limited-time offer includes FREE 18" thin crash cymbal

Stadium 5 pc drum set w/ cymbals


Rhythm Tech eclipse congas

w / stand  

The RhythmTech Eclipse Congas are high-quality instruments constructed from select Asian Oak. Each conga is hand-crafted to RhythmTech's exact specifications.

List Price: $916.99

Sale Price: $449.99

Rhythm Tech Eclipse Bongos 7 and 8.5 in. Limited Edition, Rose/Fuchsia

The Rhythm Tech Eclipse Bongos feature traditional hardware and durable, earth-safe hardwood. They feature traditional rims for a sturdy, heavier feel and 7" and 8.5" heads.

The rims are attached to a frame that lifts the bongos off a table a bit, so they can be played tabletop and still be able to breathe.


list $189.99


Spaun 5 piece drum set with cymbals  $1999

custom made in California with Yamaha double bass pedal, Zildjian "A" Custom cymbals, double braced hardware, sold new for $8000.

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