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Visit Our New Store at 19D Maple St. Marlborough, MA ( next to Clockwork Pizza! or call  508-481-4325New hours M thru Fri 12:00-9pm Sat 1-5pm

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Line 6 Spider Jam Combo Amp

A member of the infamous Spider™ family, Spider Jam shares some popular family jewels, like 200+ artist-created presents, 150+ song-based presets, 12 Line 6 original amp models and seven Smart Control FX, including reverb and delay. It's full of fan favorites but Spider Jam also features some new, unique characteristics, like over 100 ribcage-rattling Endless Jam tracks and drump loops played by LA and Nashville's top session musicians slamming the drums, thumping the bass, and hacking away at guitars.

MSRP: $829.99 (US)
MAP: $399.99 (US)



iZotope Spire Studio Wireless iOS Audio Interface

Spire Studio
Mobile Recording Device
Manufacturer: iZotope
Spire Studio is a dead-simple recording studio that fits in the palm of your hand so you can record studio-quality tracks anytime, anywhere. Features include:

• Studio quality audio – Award-winning sound processing technology gives you recordings that sound like a pro studio.

• Portable recording – Everything you need to ditch the cables and enjoy the creative freedom that comes from not being locked in a basement studio.

• Push-button simplicity – No tech barriers to overcome. No momentum killing setup. Just your sound recorded quickly: any time, any place.

MSRP: $349.00 (US)
MAP: $299.00 (US)

Pocket POD®
Legendary POD® Tone To-Go
Manufacturer: Line 6
Pocket POD® exhibits all the celebrated features and pro tone that makes POD a standard in recording studios everywhere. Don't be fooled by the smaller package, Pocket POD is packed with over 300 custom presets dialed in by some of today's hottest rock stars like Maroon 5, P.O.D., 311, Hoobastank and many more.

Battery-powered and about the size of a tuner, Pocket POD is completely portable. Use it for effects in front of your amp, or just plug in headphones and practice anywhere, anytime.

MSRP: $179.99 (US)
MAP: $129.99 (US)

Equipment Repair and Modifications!

You break it....We fix it!
We offer and install replacement bodies, necks, pickups and hot-rodded electronics. We also offer custom paint jobs.

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